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High-Quality Aluminum & Steel Fences in Charleston, SC

DiCarlo Fence Contractors, LLC has a reputation for installing premium aluminum and steel fences on Charleston, SC commercial properties. The quality of your fence says a lot about you to your clients. It also provides protection from theft and safety for your employees. You deserve the best money can buy. Our family-owned and -operated company has built relationships with businesses in the community for over 20 years and can provide honest and accurate quotes on all our services. A steel or aluminum fence is a great choice; reach out to our team today for an estimate.

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The Benefits of Investing in an Ornamental Fence

Aluminum and steel fences are also called ornamental fences and offer a range of benefits. While you might consider it costly, it is cost-effective when you factor in the material’s longevity and lack of required maintenance.

Undeniable Benefits of Aluminum & Steel Fences

Extra Security

Ornamental fences might not provide total privacy or security they still safeguard against intruders more effectively than chain link or wood fences. An ornamental fence can protect your clients, employees, and inventory better.


The materials used in our fences are incredibly durable. Our ornamental fences will be with you for the long haul, ensuring you enjoy their benefits for years. They won't show signs of wear or deterioration, helping to keep your investment in a great-looking fence intact.


Metal is a “neutral” material, meaning it will not clash with the rest of your property. If you are as interested in aesthetics as security and safety, an ornamental fence is perfect for your business.

Property Value & Curb Appeal

When your customers see a beautiful fence, they see a business that cares about how they present itself. Investing in a new aluminum or steel fence is an excellent way to boost property value and curb appeal.

You Can Trust Us for Professional & Efficient Installation

Regardless of your reasons for purchasing and installing a commercial aluminum or steel fence, you can count on us to place it on your property correctly. More importantly, we will provide a quote and stick to it, ensuring you experience zero unexpected charges. Once on your property, we get to work and do our jobs efficiently. We know our work can disrupt your business, so we work with you on a schedule and perform our responsibilities as quickly as possible – while still doing exemplary work.


Have any questions about arbors & pergolas? Feel free to ask us!

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