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PVC Fencing Options for Your Home

There are many reasons that vinyl fencing has become so popular recently in comparison to traditional iron fencing and wood picket fences. Although it often costs the same or more, PVC fences pay for themselves by requiring little to no maintenance throughout the years and typically lasts much longer. PVC fence installation is all that is necessary because they last so long. At DiCarlo Fence Contractors, LLC we believe in offering you the most suitable PVC fence for your home or business at the most affordable price.

vinyl fence

A Few Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

  • No Rotting or Deteriorating
  • Doesn’t Attract Insects
  • Virtually Weatherproof
  • Can Offer More Privacy

Vinyl fences are quite easily maintained and offer an attractive substitute to wood or other types of fencing. After fence installation, the color tends to stay for many years, as opposed to wood which can be warped with weather and as time passes. Unlike wood, vinyl fences require minimal fence repair services to keep them maintained properly.


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